Keratoconus Clinic

Keratoconus – Keratoconus is a thinning disorder of the cornea in which the normally round shape of the cornea is distorted and a cone-like bulge develops, resulting in visual impairment. Keratoconus is generally a slowly progressing condition that usually affects both esyes. The exact cause of Keratoconus is unknown. The condition occurs in 1 out of every 2,000 people in the general population.

Physicians refer to Dr. Cornetta often for treatment. Dr. Cornetta has treated many cases and each treatment is specific to the patient’s degree of keratoconus. Most often he uses contact lenses that work by creating a new, artificial, smooth surface on the front of the eye (cornea). This assists in correcting the condition.

Our Keratoconus patients are seen more frequently due to the changes in the cornea. Dr. Cornetta has developed great relationships with all of his keratoconus patients and is known for his compassionate and caring manner. He strives to educate each patient about their condition and treatment options.

In some cases your medical OR vision plan may pay for all or a portion of the treatment. Our Insurance Coordinator is happy to assist you in researching coverage and submitting the proper requests for coverage.